The Many Benefits of Swimming

  1. Swimming is the only sport that can save your life.
  2. Swimming builds confidence and self-reliance.
  3. Swimmers tend to be academic achievers.
  4. Swimming helps kids learn to set goals and work to achieve them.
  5. Swimming teaches strategies to overcome fear.
  6. Swimming is one of the few sports you can do throughout your lifetime.
  7. Swimming is the best possible exercise. It works all the body’s muscles and burns the most calories.
  8. Swimming makes children better athletes.
  9. Competent swimming ability opens a world of water sports activities and outdoor recreational opportunities.
  10. Swimming offers a lifetime of health and fitness.
  11. Being able to swim 400 yards continuously means you can:
    • scuba diveDSC00989
    • snorkel
    • become a lifeguard
    • compete in triathlons
    • play water polo
    • be on a swim team
    • teach swimming
    • and much more…